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Studying Modern Languages and joint schools at Merton

The College currently admits nine undergraduates a year to read Modern Languages and the associated Joint Schools with Linguistics, Classics, English, History, and Philosophy.

Applicants are welcome in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, or Russian, but for the Honour School of Modern Languages one of the languages offered must be French or Spanish.

Beginners may be admitted to read Italian, Portuguese, German or Russian.

For the Joint Schools, any of the above six languages may be offered.

The teaching team
Video: Modern Languages at Oxford University
Key facts
Average intake at Merton:

Nine (including joint schools).


All candidates must take the Modern Languages Admissions Tests (MLAT). Additional tests may also be required for joint school courses.

Written work:

For Modern Languages, one piece of marked work written in the target language(s) to be studied, and one piece written in English. For joint school courses, see detailed University course pages.

Specific subjects:

One or more modern language is essential, with the specific language dependent on course choice. For joint school courses, certain other subjects are essential and/or recommended.

Deferred entry:

Applications for deferred entry will be considered on their merits.