Fellows Garden

Relaxing at Merton

Merton’s tranquil beauty provides the perfect backdrop for some well-deserved relaxation after a long day of meetings.

If you are looking for some extra group activities whilst you stay at Merton, we can offer:

  • Enjoy our magnificent, award-winning gardens
  • Climb the Chapel tower, weather permitting
  • Go on a guided tour of Merton including the Upper Library, the oldest continuously functioning library for university academics and students in the world

We also recommend:

  • Walk, run or jog through Christ Church meadow (directly behind Merton) and back along the picturesque banks of the Isis and Cherwell rivers
  • Visit Oxford’s many museums, galleries and historic attractions, including the Ashmolean MuseumModern Art Oxford, and the History of Science Museum —all within walking distance of Merton
  • Wander through the charming streets of Oxford city centre.
  • Go to the Playhouse, Sheldonian Theatre, Holywell Music Room, or other local venue for a night of theatre or music
  • Take an evening out in London: coaches between Oxford and London operate around the clock!
  • A short walk to the high street, for a spot of shopping or for some sightseeing of the awe inspiring city

360º views of our social and relaxation areas