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Applying here: Financial information

Tuition fees

For UK and EU Students:

  • Undergraduate tuition fees for all full-time degree courses are set at £9,250 for the academic year 2017/18.
  • Tuition fees must be paid in full by Friday of 1st Week of Michaelmas Term.
  • Use the Student Finance Calculator to get an estimate of the loans, grants and extra student funds you may be entitled to.
  • Find out more about Oxford’s bursary support for UK students

For International Students:

International undergraduates pay a higher rate of tuition fee than UK and EU students.

College Fee

Each college charges a college fee - this is separate from, and in addition to, the tuition fee. This college fee does not include accommodation or meals. Whilst each college sets its own fee, by agreement rates do not vary between individual colleges.

  • UK and EU students are not required to pay the college fee.
  • International students must pay the college fee.
  • The college fee is charged annually and must be paid in full by Friday of 1st Week of Michaelmas Term.

The Merton College fee for 2017-18 is £7,350.

Living Costs

Despite what you may have heard, it’s no more expensive to study at Oxford than at any other university.


We are fortunate to be able to offer accommodation for undergraduates (excluding second undergraduate degree students who are regarded as graduates for accommodation purposes) for the full duration of their course.

Accommodation charges for 2017-18

  • £3,472 for a single room; or
  • £3,677 for an en suite room

This is charged in three equal instalments and must be paid by the Friday of 1st week of each term.

These sums cover residence (during each academic term only) and include a room cleaning service, web access and an electricity allowance of 1,000 units per term (after which, students are charged at the prevailing rate set out in the licence agreement – 5p per unit in 2016/17). Please contact the Admissions Officer at if you require more detailed information.


Meals are paid in advance either online (through the meal booking website) or through the Finance Bursary. Your University card is also your meal card and is credited with £20 before you arrive at Merton, so that you may take meals in the first term immediately. This will be charged to your battels (college account) and is paid at the start of the first term with your other fees and charges.

Daily meal charges for 2017-18

  • Breakfast: £1.87
  • Lunch: £3.40
  • Dinner: £4.19

The College kitchen caters for vegetarians, vegans and anyone with special dietary requirements.

Other charges

  • All students are charged a Charities Levy (currently £10 per term) and a donation to the University Refugee Campaign (currently £4 per term) - these are charged in arrears and can be opted out of before they have been raised.
  • All undergraduates are charged a contribution to the Reach Scholarship (currently £3 per term) - this is charged in arrears and can be opted out of before it has been raised.
  • All graduates and fourth-year undergraduates are charged MCR Levies (currently £13 per term) - these are charged at the start of Michaelmas term; they can then be opted out of for subsequent terms.

Additional financial support from Merton

Merton College also provides financial support to its undergraduate students, in addition to university funds:

Merton College Prizes

Exhibitions – prizes worth £200 per year awarded to students who achieve first class results in their first exams (usually at the end of the first year)

Postmasterships – prizes worth £300 per year awarded to students, who have usually received an Exhibition in their first year, for sustained excellence.

Book token prizes are awarded to students who have achieved first class results in examinations during their course.

Undergraduate essay prize - currently being trialled with Humanities and Social Science undergraduates; students can submit one essay (which must have been submitted for a tutorial in the academic year of the competition), with a £150 prize for the winning entry.

A range of subject-specific prizes are awarded for academic merit.

Merton College Awards

Book Grants – undergraduates may apply for a grant of 50% of their expenditure on books, including e-books, up to a maximum of £50 per year.

Travel Grants – a grant to any undergraduate travelling abroad for educational benefit.

Gerry Grimstone Travel Awards – grants to students to undertake travel, preferably abroad, in furtherance of a worthwhile purpose/project, which may be (but need not be) academic in nature and/or directly linked with the subject being studied. Sir Gerry Grimstone (1968), the current Chairman of Standard Life and Deputy Chairman of Barclays, read Chemistry at Merton. He benefited hugely from a Travel Scholarship during his time at Merton and has generously enabled others to have the benefit of a similar opportunity.

Research Grants – grants for any undergraduate to support costs incurred in researching for their final thesis.

Vacation study grants - grants to undergraduates for study purposes during vacations; this may include the cost of College accommodation during the vacation for the taking of examinations or for other academic purposes.

Summer Projects Scheme - Merton operates two schemes for undergraduates undertaking additional research projects during the Long Vacation: Under the first, eight weeks' free accommodation and college meals are provided for up to six undergraduates—normally those coming up to the end of their second or third year—to enable them to reside in Oxford whilst undertaking a specific programme of research; under the second scheme, two awards worth £800 each are available, to support two undergraduates in undertaking a project requiring at least 80 hours of research and writing up.

Biology First Year Field Trip Grant – the college pays the £200 fee for the mandatory field trip for first year Biologists.

Language courses - support is available from the College for those undertaking courses at the University’s Language Centre.

Other Grants – Merton makes a limited number of grants to undergraduates for worthy causes that are ineligible for other forms of College financial support.

Merton College Student Financial Support Fund

The College's Student Support Committee and the University Hardship Fund can make loans and grants to assist junior members in unforeseen financial need. Home students are also eligible to apply for assistance from the Government's Access to Learning Fund.