Fellows' Quad seen through the Fitzjames Arch - Photo: © John Cairns - www.johncairns.co.uk
Supporting Merton
A word from our Warden:
"Over the centuries, Merton has received essential support from the generosity of its benefactors. We now need to keep pace with the new demands of a 21st-century university, renowned globally for its excellence in every area of its teaching, scholarship and research. We are in an economic climate where neither the fees paid by students, nor the Government contribution covers the cost of undergraduate teaching, which has to be cross-subsidised by research funding, fundraising and endowment.
Although we have an excellent asset base, in financial terms we are progressively falling behind international competitors who have received a far greater measure of donor support. If we are to compete with other world class institutions, then we need substantial funds to do so. It is vital to continue with the Merton Fund, to bridge the funding gap on an annual basis and secure Merton’s future.
You can use these web pages for Making a Gift now, or to find out about Tax-efficient Ways of Giving. There is more information about the Merton Fund, the 1264 Society and the projects that require your support.
With your support, we can continue to be at the cutting edge of educational and scientific achievements in today’s changing world."
The Warden