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Applying here: Admissions feedback 2017-18

Most of these reports have been prepared by the College but they incorporate or refer to departmental and faculty reports where these are available. They are intended to inform those planning applications in the future and also to provide to unsuccessful candidates, their referees, schools and families an indication as to the most likely reasons they were not selected in this round. The vast majority of our applicants are very talented, with exemplary academic backgrounds. The most common reason for non-selection is simply that it is an exceptionally competitive process. Some more specific indications of what tutors in particular subjects are seeking, and the processes and competition in each area, can be found on each page. It is important to remember both that Oxford makes its selection on academic criteria and that the interview performance is only one of the elements which tutors take into account when evaluating an application.

If you have been a referee for an unsuccessful candidate, we encourage you to continue to send your able students to us, taking into account the comments here regarding any of the subject areas in which they may be interested. You may also wish to consult the pages on specific subjects. Merton's Schools Liaison and Access Officer will be pleased to provide any advice on supporting applications or you may wish to contact the Oxford college linked to your area under the University's Regional Outreach Scheme.

In December 2017, 24 candidates were interviewed remotely using Skype, and one via an alternative videoconference software.

Merton received 566 applications in this admissions round, slightly fewer than in 2016. 101 candidates have been made an offer by the College for 2018 entry, including seven open offers. Two offers were also made for deferred 2019 entry.