Students at the Tolkien Table in Fellows' Garden, 2019 - Photo: © John Cairns -
College Life

For undergraduates

The undergraduate student body at Merton, known as the Junior Common Room (JCR), has an annual budget which it uses to run a whole range of events, in particular the fortnightly free parties - known as 'Bops' - held in college throughout each term. Our many student clubs and societies organise talks, debates, concerts, and social events, so there's always an opportunity to take a break from study to socialise and relax. Many of our students are keen sportspeople, and the College fields teams in all of the major sports, in many cases jointly with nearby Mansfield College, with some of our undergraduates going on to represent the University and win a 'blue'.

For an insight into what Merton is really like and the student support available at Merton, take a look at our Alternative Prospectus, written by some of our current students - or follow one of our subject accounts on Twitter, all updated by students themselves.

For graduate students

Graduate social life in College is centred on the Middle Common Room (MCR), which is accommodated in a medieval Hall in Front Quad.

The MCR is run by elected graduate officers, responsible for organising social events and for the provision of newspapers, journals, TV and DVDs, and snacks and refreshments. Graduates are also members of the JCR and can participate in undergraduate events such as the regular Bops at the Pavilion. Graduates play their part in the College's sporting, dramatic and musical life. See the MCR website for further details.

The University of Oxford Newcomers' Club aims to help the newly-arrived husbands, wives, or partners of visiting scholars, graduate students and newly-appointed academics to settle in, and to give them the opportunity to meet people from across the University community.

If you are linked to the University but without a college affiliation you can become part of the Merton community via association with the Merton MCR.