A cake depicting the College, made for the Summer Quad Party, June 2014 - Photo: © Franglais Photography - www.franglaisphotography.com
About the College
Welcome to Merton College. Our community of scholars, founded in 1264, formed the model for all subsequent Oxford and Cambridge colleges. Since then we have fostered generations of academic and cultural leaders in many fields. Today we still aspire to excellence in our teaching and research as a vibrant and diverse intellectual community. The talent and dedication of college fellows, students, staff and alumni combine with our historic architecture, beautiful gardens, delicious food, fine accommodation, and generous support for students and researchers to make Merton an extraordinary place in which to learn and to teach. At present, for example, we number among our Governing Body and Emeritus Fellows ten Fellows of the Royal Society and six Fellows of the British Academy.
It is an honour to serve as Acting Warden of the College for the year, following the retirement of Sir Martin Taylor and pending the installation as Warden of Professor Irene Tracey in October 2019. Thank you for coming to our website. Whether you are a prospective student, alumnus, donor, researcher, teacher, conference organizer or visitor, I hope you will find what you need here. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Professor Steven Gunn, Acting Warden, Merton College