Merton Society Garden Party 2023 - Photo: © John Cairns -

The Merton Society

Welcome to the Merton Society! All Mertonians automatically become life members of the Merton Society upon matriculation. The purpose of the Merton Society is to further the interests of Merton College and of its members past and present by fostering social contacts between Merton alumni and encouraging them to stay in contact with the College. With the help of the Development Office, the Society organises a number of social events throughout the year, some of which are ‘in person’, whereas others are virtual or hybrid. The Society encourages Mertonians of whatever age, stage of life, and geographical location to participate in their activities and so remain active members of the wider Merton community.

The Society aims to support the Warden and the College, offering expertise and advice where appropriate (without being directly involved in fundraising). It maintains a network of Year Representatives to communicate with alumni, promote College events and feed back news from the alumni to the College. The Society’s members offer careers advice and assistance to undergraduate and graduate members of the College as appropriate, and the Society provides financial support for College projects when resources permit.

The Merton Society is always looking for new ways in which to carry out its objectives. Specific projects at present include (i) Merton College Mentoring, a scheme to support young alumni; and (ii) establishing a number of ‘subject-specific discussion groups’ to bring together alumni and current Merton students in order to discuss issues of academic interest.