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A student in the mob library

Contact the Library & Archives


Please note that it is best to send all initial enquiries (including requests for appointments to consult special materials in the library and archives) to the library.

Fellow Librarian

Dr Julia Walworth
Email: Dr Julia Walworth
Tel: 01865 276 308
Fax: 01865 276 361


(Wednesday – Friday only)

Julian Reid
Email: Julian Reid
Tel: 01865 286 315
Fax: 01865 276 361

Assistant Librarian

Harriet Campbell Longley
Email: Harriet Campbell Longley
Tel: 01865 276 380
Fax: 01865 276 361

Senior Library Assistant

Verity Parkinson
Email: Verity Parkinson
Tel: 01865 276 380
Fax: 01865 276 361

Library Assistant

Rosslyn Johnston
Email: Rosslyn Johnston
Tel: 01865 286 476
Fax: 01865 276 361

Resource Description Project Librarian

(Thursday – Friday only)

Catherine Lewis
Email: Catherine Lewis
Tel: 01865 286 477
Fax: 01865 276 361

Conservation Consortium

Merton is a member of the Oxford College Conservation Consortium
Head Conservator, Jane Eagan
Tel: 01865 271 520

All enquiries relating to the condition or conservation of Merton library and archive material should be sent to the library in the first instance.

Please note: callers from outside the UK should drop the initial ‘0’ and add the country code ‘44’ to all telephone and fax numbers.