Application FAQs

The University of Oxford website can answer most FAQs about the process of applying to the University. The following FAQs should help with any questions you have specifically about Merton College:

Can I apply for deferred entry at Merton?

Usually, yes, apart from for Physics or Beginners' Russian. Read more about Merton's gap year policy.

Can I apply to Merton as a mature student?

Yes. A mature student is one who will be over the age of 21 when starting at Oxford. Read more about applying to Merton as a mature student.

Can I apply to Merton after my A-Levels (or equivalent)?

Yes – we welcome applications from those who have already completed their A-Levels (or equivalent). Post-A-level candidates should meet or exceed the same grades and entrance requirements as pre-A-level candidates (AAA-A*A*A dependent upon subject). Post-A-Level applications are assessed using the same procedures as for pre-A-level candidates.

Can I reapply to Merton if I am not successful?

You can certainly reapply to Oxford, but we would advise you to apply to a different college. Your application can then be assessed by tutors who have not considered you before.

Can I apply to Merton if I have a disability?

Yes. Merton is committed to providing effective support so all our students can achieve their academic potential. Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your additional needs. Read more about disability support at Merton.

Can I apply to Merton as a Visiting Student?

The College does not consider applications for visiting undergraduate students outside a small number of specific exchange programmes. Read more on applying to be a visiting student at the University of Oxford.

Can I apply to Merton for a Second Undergraduate Degree?

Yes. Merton is happy to consider applications for Second Undergraduate Degrees in all the subjects we offer to undergraduates with the exception of Medicine. For graduate students interested in applying for Medicine we recommend the accelerated graduate entry Medical course, available at other Oxford colleges but not offered by Merton.

What should I do if I have no appropriate written work to submit?

First, carefully check the requirements on written work on your course page. For overseas students who have no written work in English a translation of existing work should be submitted along with the original and a note on the covering sheet signed by a teacher confirming that the translation is the candidate's own. Where a candidate has no written work at all they should contact the Admissions Officer for advice.