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MC3 Weekend in Brooklyn, 2015. Photo by Todd Zimmerman

Alumni: The Merton College Charitable Corporation

The Merton College Charitable Corporation, known as MC3, was organized by Warden John M. Roberts in 1987. It was incorporated in the United States in 1991. Membership is open to all Mertonians living in the Americas on either a permanent or interim basis. MC3 supports the College by funding a series of permanent programs at Merton and undertaking one or more special projects each year.

MC3 holds at least one reunion event each year for Mertonians in the Americas. It is held either in New York, as part of the University of Oxford North American Bi-Annual Reunion, or in alternate years, elsewhere in the United States or Canada.  In recent years MC3 reunions have been held in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, DC (twice), Toronto (2009), and Brooklyn (2015). The 2017 MC3 weekend was held in New York, and in 2018 a reunion will take place in San Francisco to coincide with the University of Oxford's North American Alumni Weekend.

For more information about MC3, browse these sites:

For further information, please contact:

Mr R G McKelvey
Merton College Charitable Corporation
2410 State Highway 34
Manasquan NJ 08736

Phone: 732-449-5323 or 800-449-5322
Email: Mr R G McKelvey

MC3 Executive Committee and Trustees

MC3 Officers and
Executive Committee


Vice President



Assistant Treasurer


John J Kirby Jr

Nicholas W Allard

Kathleen Sheehan

Robert G McKelvey

Marina K McCloskey

David Harvey


Nicholas W. Allard (1974)
Neil R. Brown (2002)
Thomas A. Connolly (1975)
D. Francis K. Finlay (1962)
Reginald D. Hall (1954)
David I. W. Hamer (1974)
David R. Harvey (1957)
John J. Kirby (1962)
Marina McCloskey (2003)
Robert G. McKelvey (1959)
John M. Mitnick (1985)
Scott M. Moore (2009)
Amna Naseer (1997)
Peter Palmer (1968)
Daniel Seymour (1983)
CSK Scudder (1971)
K Sheehan (2002)
G Tiao (2010)

Life Trustees
George A. Drake
John G. Garrard
Prosser Gifford
Frank T. Keefe
Edmund G. Ranallo
A. Truman Schwartz
Edward I. Selig
R. John Simms
C. Craig Smith
Gary G. Stevens
Howard Stringer
E. Fred Yalouris

In addition to the Executive Committee and Trustees, MC3 is run by a number of smaller, specialist committees. A full listing of these committees and their membership can be downloaded here