Art Society

This year has been a busy and challenging one for the Art Society, as we have had to significantly reconsider what sorts of events we could run due to Covid restrictions. Nonetheless, the year still turned out to be fairly successful, with engagement being particularly high during Trinity. We have, through this time, continued to encourage engagement and appreciation with culture and the arts, through events, competitions and continually informing students about the various available art and cultural activities going on around Oxford.

It has been especially pleasing to see that, despite nearly all events of the Art Society being online this term, attendance has been consistently high, with the amount of people attending our weekly movie nights during Hilary and the various events we planned collaboratively with other societies and JCR reps being especially high. We are eager to continue these collaborations next year, to increase the scope of engagement that we can create with culture and the arts.

We were delighted by how the JCR Arts and Culture Week turned out, despite it being very different from what it has been before. Although we had only two weeks to plan everything properly, because of changes in Covid guidelines, thanks to the efforts of everyone involved, we were nonetheless able to run a large number of events, most of which turned out to be very successful, and some of which (like our romantic poetry nature walk) we hope to continue on a regular weekly or biweekly basis next term.

In all, despite being unable to have any events in person, we nonetheless had a surprisingly successful year, and we all look forward to in-person events next year. We hope that new students will be eager to join us in our exploration of culture and the arts provided by the society next year.

Aryaman Gupta (2020)
JCR Art Society Rep 2020-21