Merton College Girl Choristers, 2019 - Photo: © John Cairns -

Instrumental Bursaries for Girl Choristers

Learning an instrument is essential to the musical education of a chorister, and pays huge dividends in their singing. Unfortunately, many parents cannot afford the cost of these lessons for their children, and this is true among our Girl Choristers as well. We want to ensure that money is not a barrier to choristership, and also wish to acknowledge the commitment that the girls and their parents make to Merton by attending rehearsals and services twice a week during school terms.

We offer each of the 24 Girl Choristers an instrumental bursary during their time as Choristers at Merton College. This brings our offering in line with other Oxford colleges, which offer instrumental scholarships for their boys’ choirs. Each of our Girl Choristers, and thus our Choral Foundation as a whole, will reap the rewards of these bursaries in the improvement of each Chorister’s abilities and confidence.

You can help to support this initiative by donating to the Choral Foundation. If you would like your gift to be used for these instrumental bursaries specifically, or for more information, please contact the Choir Manager on (+44) 1865 616724.