Alumni: The Development Office

The Alumni and Development Office exists to help Merton maintain and develop good relations with Mertonians – helping you to stay in touch with College and with each other by organising events and producing publications. We also fundraise for the College, encouraging Alumni to support Merton so that we can continue to be at the forefront of education for centuries to come. Our office hours are 09:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00, Monday to Friday.

The Development Team


Mark Coote - Photo: © John Cairns

Mark Coote
Director of Development
01865 276 307
Mark heads the Development Department and is in charge of Merton’s development and fundraising strategy, as well as being responsible for Major Gifts.

Milos Martinov

Milos Martinov
Deputy Director of Development
01865 286 314
Milos is responsible for Major Gifts and assisting with the College's development strategy.

Chelsea Chisholm - Photo: © Ian Wallman -

Chelsea Chisholm
Alumni Relations Manager
01865 286 525
Chelsea's main responsibility is to strengthen alumni engagement. Besides heading our extensive alumni events programme, she runs Merton College Mentoring and works to support and enhance Merton alumni societies, networks and groups.

Julia Bell - Photo: © John Cairns

Julia Bell
Alumni Communications Officer
01865 616 737
Julia is responsible for alumni content on the College website and Alumni Publications, which include Postmaster and the annual Donor Report. She coordinates the termly event emails and the Termly Newsletter and looks after the Year Representatives.

Chiara Centore - Photo: © John Cairns

Chiara Centore
Fundraising Officer
01865 286 312
The Fundraising Officer inspires regular donations towards a variety of causes at the College through Telethon campaigns, brochures, e-mail appeals and more.

Mark Randolph - Photo: © John Cairns

Mark Randolph
Database and Operations Manager
01865 286 298
Mark maintains our database and records of Old Members, and oversees the College’s use of DARS (the Collegiate Development and Alumni Relations System of the University of Oxford).

Gloria Morey Picking - Photo: © Ian Wallman -

Gloria Morey-Picking
Graduate Associate in Development
01865 276 316
Gloria provides administrative support and research for the Development Office, including for events, the Annual Fund and telethon campaigns and appeals.

Daniel Evans - Photo: © John Cairns

Daniel Evans
Alumni Relations Executive
01865 286319
Daniel assists with national and international alumni event coordination and delivery, and helps to support and promote alumni special interest groups and networks. 


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