Visiting Research Fellows & Visiting Scholars

Visiting Research Fellows

The VRF Scheme

The scheme is intended to attract eminent researchers to Oxford and Merton College. The scheme offers free accommodation and meals. There are normally two Visiting Research Fellows resident in any term. Fellowships can be held for one to three terms. Every application has to be sponsored by a Fellow of the College and applications are considered in a gathered field at the end of September each year.


MichaelmasDr Cheryl Frances-Hoad (Creative Arts)

Hilary - Professor Marc Domingo Gygax, Princeton University (Classics)

Trinity - Professors Hye-Won Kang, Christopher Skinner, and David Wood (Mathematics)

Visiting Scholars 2021-22

All Visiting Scholars and Visiting Research Fellows have to be nominated by a Fellow of the College. Fellows can check availability on the intranet.