Hazelnut (male flower), overlay of 7 channel autofluorescence microscopy - Image: © ZEISS Microscopy (CC-BY 2.0)

Research at Merton: Biomedical and Life Sciences Group

The Group was established in 2006 as a forum for discussion and interaction between College members working in the Biomedical and Life Sciences. This constitutes a large and vibrant research community spanning many different fields and departments. We seek to promote interest and collaborative research within and beyond traditional subject boundaries at Merton through an awareness of the different areas of research being undertaken at often geographically disparate sites within the University. The Group provides a forum for presentation of current and topical work by Graduate Students and Fellows.


  • Increase interactions between SCR and MCR members in the biomedical and life sciences within the college.
  • Foster a supportive environment outside of the department that is relevant to graduate study and research.
  • Provide a network for graduate students to meet each other, and meet Fellows/Lecturers in related disciplines to discuss their research/future career opportunities.
  • Support presentations of research by graduate students/Fellows to the college community.