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Alumni: Making a gift from the UK

Thank you for choosing to make a gift to Merton College. Every donation to the College has a tangible effect on the lives of Merton students, and regular donations allow the College to plan ahead for future generations.
See below for more information about the various funds that your donation could help to support, or to make a single gift towards an area within the Merton Fund. If you would like to make a donation from outside the UK, please visit our International Giving pages, or if you would like to donate tax-efficiently from North America via MC3 please visit the MC3 website

Where can I direct my gift?


Unrestricted Gifts

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Unrestricted gifts are essential. They give the College the flexibility and resources to respond to the area of greatest need.


Safeguarding the Tutorial System

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The Tutorial System is key to the College's continuing academic excellence. Gifts to this fund enable Merton to cover the cost of extra tutorials, lecturers and resources in subjects which are most stretched by the current shortfall in Government funding. This helps Merton to attract and retain the best tutors and academics across board.


Supporting Merton Students

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Our general Student Support Fund covers student hardship as well as a variety of travel grants and academic grants. This helps to maximise the student experience of every Mertonian throughout their time here at the College and ensure that we can support students experiencing difficult or unforeseen circumstances.

  • Undergraduate Student Support

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Supporting undergraduates has become more urgent than ever before with the threefold increase of tuition fees to £9,000 for home students. This fund helps to cover the cost of the Merton-Oxford bursaries for students who otherwise would not be able to afford an Oxford education. It also enables Merton to extend its Access and Outreach work and attract the very best and brightest students. All gifts to this fund are eligible to be matched by the University of Oxford’s Moritz-Heyman Fund.

  • Graduate Scholarship Fund

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Merton has a large and thriving graduate student body, with just over 300 students undertaking postgraduate research and study at the College. Gifts to Graduate Scholarships are vital to sustain our valuable and academically excellent graduate body, and bring us closer to our longer-term goal of a widening access to post-graduate study.

  • The Reach Scholarship

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The Merton JCR has instigated a scholarship for an undergraduate student from a country of low economic development to come and study at Merton. Merton requires between £34,000 and £58,000 to cover the College's share of the cost of an undergraduate to study at Merton, with remaining maintenance and tuition costs being covered by the University and JCR, respectively. There is currently £12,600 still left to raise to complete the funding of this scholarship.


Enhancing the College Environment

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A gift to enhance the College environment will help preserve our architectural legacy and create more energy-efficient living and learning facilities, enabling Merton to respond to the growing needs of our academic community.

  • The Merton Library

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The Merton Library is the oldest University library in continual use in the world. Merton needs £25,000 to restore and digitise some of its historic collections. This involves two main tasks: conserving, protecting and sharing some of our most valuable manuscripts and books, and electronically cataloguing invaluable College archival materials.