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Professor Véronique Gouverneur

Tutor in Organic Chemistry, Professor of Chemistry


fluorine chemistry
nuclear molecular imaging


Professor Gouverneur’s interdisciplinary research lies at the interface of chemistry and medicine. She is specialised in fluorine chemistry with a focus on late stage fluorination using both the naturally occurring isotope 19F and the cyclotron-produced positron emitting radioisotope 18F. These advances have found direct applications in the pharmaceutical sector and in clinical imaging, particularly Positron Emission Tomography (PET). Her approach to PET 18F-radiochemistry, being distinct from conventional practices, has granted access to radioactive tracers that had been too difficult or impossible to prepare, thereby unlocking and accelerating diagnostic and drug discovery programmes.

Teaching Interests

Synthetic organic chemistry, asymmetric synthesis and catalysis, biosynthesis of natural products, biological chemistry, fluorine chemistry