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Transgender Pride flag

Transgender and gender identity

A supportive and inclusive community, Merton is committed to the University's Transgender Guidance and Policy. The first point of contact for a student wanting to come out as trans at College is the Senior Tutor ( Other members of staff, such as the Welfare Team or Academic Registrar, can also be approached in the first instance.

We acknowledge that some students may have concerns about coming out as trans—perhaps regarding the people at home finding out, or about visas if they are an international student—and we can certainly be flexible in coming to arrangements on such issues if they are raised. Students requiring time away from their studies for medical reasons should feel free to mention this to us so that options for deferral and/or suspension can be discussed.

All conversations regarding this process will be handled sensitively and respectfully. Merton staff attended training on trans issues given by Gendered Intelligence in June 2018. The group included key staff members from the Lodge, Academic Office, Warden's Office, Finance and Domestic Bursaries, Library, Welfare Team, Development Office, and HR, along with a number of Governing Body Fellows.

Further information about university-wide policy and welfare provision for students who want to transition is available on the University’s LGBTQ Society website.