Sports: Report - Tennis 2018/19

Mark van Loon (2011) - Photo: © John Cairns -

2019 was not a good year for Merton tennis. We have been blessed recently by a plethora of talented players – Mark van Loon (2011), Allesandro Geraldini (2010) and Carla Groenland (2017), to name but a few – and it has been the efforts of these men and women that have made us competitive in both league and Cuppers tennis.

However, the departure, or inactivity, of these great names has left us bereft of their skills this year, with predictable consequences. Indeed, it was a struggle even to form a team on most match days and so, to steal from our great alumnus, TS Eliot (1914), we have gone crashing out of the top division of the league, not with a bang but a whimper.

James Kempton (2011)
Tennis Captain 2018/19