Sports: Report - Tennis 2017/18

A Wilson T2000 tennis racquet - Photo: © Ted Court, used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license

Merton tennis club enjoyed a relatively successful season this year, with strong performances in the league making up for slightly disappointing Cuppers campaigns. Due to an increasing interest in the sport, a new 2nd team was introduced for the first time. This team played competitively in the league and gave a larger number of people the opportunity to play. Throughout Michaelmas and Hilary terms, training sessions were held which enabled us to maintain and improve upon our skills, although the weather was not always on our side!

In Trinity term, we began our quest competing in the league, with plenty of sunshine meaning that all our matches were able to go ahead. Due to successes in the previous season, the Merton 1st team managed to remain in the top division for the league and started off in the best possible way with a 12-0 win against Teddy Hall. We managed a further win over University College, followed by a few losses to teams from larger colleges such as St John’s and Balliol who managed to outplay us. However, the two victories meant we secured our place in the top division for the upcoming year, which puts us in a very strong position in the overall ranking of college tennis. Special mentions must be given to Amy Steinepreis (2015), Ricardo Wölker (2018), Lucas Eigel (2015), Kwok-Ho Cheung (2012) and James Kempton (2011) for their dedication to the Merton tennis team this year. The Merton 2nd team was placed in the sixth division, and managed to retain a respectable second place, and we have high hopes of being promoted in 2018-19.

After receiving a bye in the first round of Cuppers, we were hoping to improve on our strong fourth position from last year. However, it was not to be. Although we managed to beat Teddy Hall in the league, they were a force to be reckoned with in Cuppers, in which only doubles matches are played. Unfortunately, after a strong performance from the Merton team, we had to settle with a defeat, which meant that we were unable to proceed to the next round. I would like to thank Amy, Ricardo, Kwok, James and Ryan Burke (2013) for their strong performances. We had further disappointment in the Women’s Cuppers, in which we were knocked out in the second round due to lack of available players.

Overall, the Mertonians have enjoyed a successful season of tennis this year, in both rain and sunshine. We hope to continue with more victories next year and win back our strong position in Cuppers, as well as continuing to play competitively in the league. There are lots of opportunities for new players and I hope that even more people enjoy playing and winning on the Merton courts! As Captain, I would like to thank those who have played for their support this year and I would also like to thank the groundskeeper James Lisle for the equipment, facilities and match teas provided. With only a few of our players graduating this year, hopefully next year should bring further success for the team.

Jenny Dingwall (2015)
Tennis Co-Captain 2017-18