Sports: Report - Karting 2016/17


Merton’s Karting Team, the Merton Mavericks, welcomed many new drivers during the 2016-17 season, who showed skill while completing in multiple intercollegiate events.

During Michaelmas Term we had our first indoor session at Teamsport in Reading, where some new and existing drivers had the chance to test out their skills in a time trial. These skills were then put to use when competing in Freshers’ Karting as a joint team with other colleges. We raced on a tight indoor track where overtakes were difficult but managed to take fourth place, falling just short of a podium position.

Two teams competed in Cuppers in Hilary, comprising both new and existing drivers, and generously sponsored by the College’s AMALGAS fund. The racing was tough in wet conditions and in more powerful karts than some drivers had previously experienced, but drivers from both the A and B teams adapted quickly, driving swiftly through the downpours to put in some excellent lap times. Nimbly avoiding puddles, our A team managed to finish in fifth place, equalling last year’s performance, and the B team finished 15th. With experience under our belt, we hope to improve on this performance in a hopefully drier race next year.

Laura Clark (2013)
Karting President 2016-17