Sports: Report - Hockey 2018/19

The Hockey team at the alumni match, 2019

The Merton-Mansfield Hockey Club started off the season extremely successfully, thanks not only to strong recruitment numbers from both Merton and Mansfield, but also to retaining many of the more long-standing members of the club. After avoiding relegation from Division 1 due to an administrative mix-up, the M&Ms went on to lose only one of their six games in the Michaelmas League (to the winners, Teddy Hall), which put them in second place overall.

With Hilary came the return of Men’s Cuppers and a first round win against Lincoln (who had beaten us at this stage last year). The second round saw the M&Ms up against St Peter’s/Hertford and after 60 minutes with no goals from either side, it went to flicks. However, with Joe Morford (2016) in goal, the M&Ms had no trouble putting one more past their keeper than they could put past Joe. Unfortunately, despite a scoresheet win, the ineligibility of one of our players saw us having to concede to our opponents so our Cuppers run came to a sad end.

After the success of last year’s alumni match, the event was repeated this year. From 2-1 down going into the last five minutes of the game, the M&Ms managed to clinch victory this year due to two crunch-time goals from Josh Lanham (Mansfield, 2017). Any conflicts created during the match were promptly settled over an enjoyable dinner that evening. We look forward to retaining the title next year.

The final competition of the season – Mixed Cuppers – saw the M&Ms struggle to get out their full-strength team due to finals and suffered a loss to a combined Lincoln/St Hilda’s team as a result. However, a number of friendlies took place to occupy our Sunday afternoons for the few keen non-finalists among us.

All in all, it has been a very rewarding season, with weekly training at the University Club being well attended and some very strong showings at weekends from the M&Ms. With a large number of players remaining, the team should continue its successful run next year. We must thank all our players who are leaving us this year, most especially Jenny Dingwall and Oliver Paulin (both 2015) – previous captains who have been part of the M&Ms for four years.

Final thanks must go to Sven Kirkerup (2014) for his donation to the M&Ms this year, which will be funding some brand new stash for the club.

Amalie Coleman (2017) and Oliver Farquharson (Mansfield, 2017)
Merton-Mansfield Hockey Captains 2018-19