Vijay Ramchandra Joshi

Emeritus Fellow

Vijay Joshi is Emeritus Fellow of Merton College, Oxford and Reader Emeritus in Economics, University of Oxford. The primary preoccupations of his working career have been teaching and research at the University of Oxford, in the fields of macroeconomics, international economics, and development economics. He has also, from time to time, held various official and business positions, including Special Adviser to the Governor, Reserve Bank of India; Officer on Special Duty, Ministry of Finance, Government of India; Director, JP Morgan Indian Investment Trust; and consultant to international organisations such as the World Bank and the OECD. He has also held University positions such as Junior Proctor, and Chair of the Sub-Faculty of Economics, and College positions such as Sub-Warden and Senior Tutor.


Selected books

India's Long Road  – The Search for Prosperity, New York and New Delhi: Oxford University Press and Penguin Random House, 2016.

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India – Macroeconomics and Political Economy, 1964-1991 (with IMD Little), Washington D.C. and New Delhi: World Bank and Oxford University Press, 1994.

Selected journal articles and other pieces

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