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Professor Lorna Hutson

Merton Professor of English Literature


English Literature


Lorna's interests are in the relationship between literary form and the formal aspects of non-literary culture. Most recently, she has been interested in legal-literary relations (for example, in how legal techniques of proof can become, in fiction, modes of vividness). She currently holds a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship for a project entitled Shakespeare’s Scotland, which looks at Anglo-Scots literary and legal imagining in the century leading up to Shakespeare’s great tragedies.

Teaching Interests

With Professor Emma Smith, Professor Hutson is convening the MSt in English (1550-1700). 


Lorna has written on Thomas Nashe (1989); on gender in sixteenth century English literature, The Usurer’s Daughter: Male Friendship and Fictions of Women in Sixteenth Century England (1994); on drama and participatory justice in The Invention of Suspicion (2007), which won the Roland Bainton Prize for Literature in 2008, and on theatrical ‘unscene’ in Circumstantial Shakespeare (2015) based on the Oxford Wells Shakespeare Lectures, 2012. Edited collections include Feminism and Renaissance Studies (1999) and, with Victoria Kahn, Rhetoric and Law in Early Modern Europe (2001). For the Cambridge Complete Works of Ben Jonson (2012), she edited Jonson’s Discoveries (1641). Forthcoming is the Oxford Handbook of English Law and Literature, 1500-1700.

Photo: courtesy Professor Hutson