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Professor Judith Armitage

Professorial Fellow in Biochemistry


Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry


Bacterial behaviour, in particular environmental sensing and the control of flagellar motor rotation. We use a combination of technologies from molecular genetics, in vitro and in vivo biochemistry through to single molecule in vivo labelling and DIC microscopy to model the sensory transduction pathway in living cells. With the Bionanotechnology IRC based in the Physics Department we are also characterising the rotary bacterial flagellar motor and developing TIRF microscopy to examine real time protein-protein interaction. With Biochemical Engineering and the NERC CEH Institute we are using the chemoreceptor proteins to engineer biosensors. With Brookes we are characterising and modelling biofilm formation.

My developing interest is in "systems biology"; using transcriptomics/proteomics and single cell behaviour to start to model realistic sensory pathways.

Teaching Interests

1st Year Introduction to Biochemistry and Bioenergetics

2nd Year Microbial Metabolism and Motility

4th Year Bionanotechnology