Professor Chih-Hao Luke Ong

Tutor in Computer Science, Professor of Computer Science

My research has mainly been in semantics of computation, which is concerned with the development and analysis of mathematical structures that model computation using ideas and tools from mathematical logic. I am interested in the semantics (especially game semantics) of programming languages, lambda calculus and type theories, and formal logics for reasoning about program properties. More recently my research has tended to be motivated by problems of an algorithmic nature. My current projects include algorithmic game semantics with applications to software model checking, verification of infinite systems (especially those generated by higher-order procedural programs), implicit computational complexity and resource-bounded computation, and issues of convergence and scalability in internet routing protocols.


I direct the studies of undergraduates at Merton reading Computer Science, and Mathematics and Computer Science, and give tutorials on all core subjects in Computer Science, covering all first-year and about half of the second-year syllabus - optional courses in the second and third years are taught by classes organized by the Department of Computer Science. At the Department of Computer Science, I have a special teaching interest in the MSc in Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science. In recent years I have given postgraduate lecture courses on: lambda calculus; proofs, types and categorical logic; game semantics; and foundations of verification: automata, logic and games.