Professor Alex Scott

Dominic Welsh Tutor in Mathematics, Professor of Mathematics, Leverhulme Research Fellow

My research interests lie mainly in combinatorics and graph theory, and in related areas of probability, algorithms and statistical physics. I spend much of my time thinking about graphs and networks and other discrete structures, both from a structural and from a probabilistic perspective.

A particular interest in the last few years has been the connection between local structure and global structure. For example, given some local information about a graph or network, when does that tell us something about the global structure? Conversely, given some large-scale structural information about a network, when is that reflected in the local structure? And what about algorithms? Does it get much easier to solve a global problem if we know how to solve it locally? Does the problem get much simpler if we consider a random network?


I have taught a wide range of topics across the undergraduate mathematical syllabus, with a focus on courses in analysis and in discrete mathematics. I supervise graduate students in combinatorics, and have given a variety of undergraduate and graduate lecture courses.