Dr Marc Roth

Junior Research Fellow in Computer Science

I received my PhD in Computer Science from Saarland University in summer 2019 and came to Merton College shortly after. At Oxford University, I am mainly working together with Professor Leslie Ann Goldberg.


My field of research is called Complexity Theory, which is a subfield of Theoretical Computer Science. The objects of study are computational problems which include, for example, the search for finding a shortest path between two locations in a street network, the decomposition of large numbers into prime factors, or the task to find an optimal strategy for playing games such as chess. Problems of that kind can be formulated mathematically and the goal is to understand their inherent difficulty. In particular, we wish to understand which problems can be solved efficiently by computers and which are deemed infeasible even for future hardware. 

My own research focuses on problems that require to search and count occurrences of small patterns in large networks or databases. An example of such a problem is given by the task to count the number of cliques in social networks, that is, groups of persons that know each other pairwise.


Please check my dblp page and my personal website for a complete list of publications and further information.