Dr Alexander Lipp

Junior Research Fellow, Geochemistry

I am a geologist interested in Earth’s surface: the processes that operate on it, and how it has evolved on billion-year timescales. I have a particular interest in the geochemistry of sediments, soils and natural waters. I primarily use and develop quantitative methods (e.g., inverse modelling, compositional data analysis) to better understand these geochemical datasets. I have been fortunate to conduct fieldwork in a range of locations, such as the Cairngorms in Scotland and Bjørnøya ("Bear Island") in Norway, sampling modern rivers and sedimentary rocks.

I have Bachelor and Master's degrees in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge and earned my doctorate from Imperial College London.

Some problems I am interested in are:


My publication list can be found on Google Scholar or ORCID.

I try to make all my publications available open access (via pre-printing or elsewise) but if you have trouble accessing anything, I am happy to provide a copy.