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Dr Matt Hosty

Junior Research Fellow in Classics


My main research interests are the tradition of Greek hexameter epic poetry, textual criticism, and literary parody. My doctoral thesis was an edition with commentary of the Batrachomyomachia, 'War of the Frogs and Mice', a pastiche of Homer's Iliad probably written in the 2nd century BC. As a parodic Greek epic with a famously confused textual tradition, this neatly combined all three of the aforementioned interests. The edition has been picked up for publication by Oxford University Press, and will hopefully appear some time in 2018. My current project is a general history of parody in the ancient world, looking at some case studies and attempting to answer questions about the nature and purpose of ancient parody, and to what extent it aligns with modern expectations of the form. I am also working on articles about Hellenistic epigram and characterisation in Homer, among other things.

Teaching Interests

I have taught a wide range of Greek and Latin literature and language papers as part of the Oxford Mods and Greats courses; in keeping with my research, my particular specialities are the Early Greek Hexameter Poetry and Hellenistic Poetry papers at Greats, as well as the Iliad for Mods.


'Schrödinger’s Mouse: liminality and the λίμνη in the Batrachomyomachia' (Journal of Hellenic Studies 137, 2017)

'The Battle of the Frogs and the Mice' (The Literary Encyclopedia, first published August 2016)

'Sing, M(o)use: animal wars in the ancient world' (Omnibus 68, 2014)

'The Mice of Ithaca: Homeric Models in the Batrachomyomachia' (Mnemosyne 67, 2014)

Dr Matt Hosty