Daniel Grimley's new book featured on BBC Radio 3's 'Music Matters'

Delius and the Sound of Place, a major new study of the composer Frederick Delius written by Professor Daniel Grimley will feature on BBC Radio 3's Music Matters programme tomorrow lunchtime at 12:15pm (Saturday 8 December 2018).

Daniel travelled with the show's presenter Tom Service to Grez-sur-Loing, 40 miles outside Paris, to discover the inspirations behind Delius's music; the village was the composer's home from 1897 until his death in 1934, apart from a brief period during the First World War.

Delius and the Sound of Place is now available to pre-order from Cambridge University Press; its publication coincides with the completion of a major new online catalogue of Delius’s works, hosted by the University of Oxford in conjunction with The British Library and the Delius Trust, which Daniel has co-created and co-edited.