2023 Gender Pay Gap Report

The gender pay gap for Merton College, as recorded at 5 April 2023, is set out below. This report is published in accordance with the College's statutory obligations and as an employer with more than 250 employees. 

In total, the pay of 440 employees is represented in these data. 50.2% of employees are female and 49.8% male. These include academic and administrative employees, casual workers and our tutors. 

Hourly Pay Rate 
The gender pay gap in hourly pay has been calculated as follows: 
•    as a mean average female earnings are 12.8% lower
•    as a median average female earnings are 7.7% lower

Bonus Pay 
Merton College does not make bonus payments to employees. 

Pay Quartiles 
The proportion of males and females in each quartile of the College payroll at 5 April 2023 is recorded as follows: 


Female % 

Male % 




Upper Middle



Lower Middle






Merton College

Merton is a constituent member of the University of Oxford. The College is a progressive, diverse and inclusive international community with a worldwide reputation for its academic and research activities. Equality and diversity are fundamental to its success.

Merton actively seeks to recruit and remunerate individuals of the highest calibre, fairly and irrespective of gender, race or disability. In doing so, the College is fully committed to providing equal opportunities through its recruitment and selection processes.

Employees are paid in accordance with the specific criteria of a role, as informed by external academic pay scales and/or known market rates. Merton is an accredited Oxford Living Wage employer whose policy and practice is to pay men and women equally for doing the same job. Decisions about payments to senior academic staff and College Officers are subject to the scrutiny of a Stipends and Allowances Committee, which is predominantly made up of external members.

Individual progression is determined by personal merit and the application of specific criteria relating to the duties of each post. Merton actively monitors matters of equality and diversity across all aspects of College life through a termly meeting of its Equality Forum which reports directly to the College's Governing Body.

The data will be reported to the Governing Body.

I confirm that the published data are accurate.

Professor Jennifer Payne