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History of the Book: Events

Previous events

28 February Emblems of corporate identity? University seals from medieval Oxford
A talk by Dr Markus Späeth, University of Cologne.
The talk was followed by refreshments and an opportunity to view examples of seals from the Merton archives.
29 November Juan de Mariana's 'History of Spain', from Madrid to Merton and beyond
A talk by Professor David Hook, Faculty of Medieval & Modern Languages, Oxford.
12 June The Little-Known Hebraica Treasures at Merton College
A talk by Dr Rahel Fronda, Bodleian Library & Christ Church. This year Dr Fronda, a specialist Hebrew Antiquarian Cataloguer, added full descriptions of Merton’s Hebrew books to Oxford’s online library catalogue. In this talk she discussed some of the particularly significant Hebrew books at Merton and how they came to be here. Attendees also had the opportunity to view selected items.
6 May Teaching the Codex 2: Further thoughts on the pedagogy of palaeography and codicology
A second interdisciplinary colloquium. Topics considered were: Continental and Anglophone approaches to teaching palaeography and codicology; pedagogical approaches to musical manuscripts; approaches to teaching art history and manuscript studies; and taking palaeography further: using manuscripts to engage in outreach with schools and the general public.
30 November The Lives of Books
A talk by Professor Lydia Wevers, Director of the Stout Research Centre at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. - read a report by Guus Eelink
1 March The Genesis of a Manuscript: Merton MS 68
A talk by Ralph Hanna, Emeritus Professor of Palaeography
6 February Teaching the Codex: Pedagogical Approaches to Palaeography and Codicology Across the Humanities
An interdisciplinary colloquium that brought together academics from a range of disciplines in order to enable a series of discussions on diverse pedagogical approaches.
24 November From St John's College to Merton College: What the poetry of Griffin Higgs (1589-1659) reveals about collegiate identity at Oxford in the seventeenth century and today
A talk by graduate student Elizabeth Sandis - read a report by Rich Rabone
24 October 'Ad usum communem' : The medieval libraries of Merton College and Sorbonne College through their scientific collections
A talk by Laure Miolo, a Visiting Scholar from the University of Lyon 2/Bibliothèque Nationale de France and Humfrey Wanley Fellow at the Bodleian Libraries, at which manuscripts from the Merton Library were displayed - read a report by Tristan Franklinos
21 May 'Once upon a time there were three Georges': Infringement of "copyright" in the 1520s
A talk by Professor Peter WM Blayney, University of Toronto - video
5 February A Mirror in Parchment? Archetypes and copies in Gothic painting
A talk by Dr Emily Guerry at which Merton manuscripts were shown.
22 November The Sitwells, Sitwellism and Sitwelliana - Dr Deborah Longworth, University of Birmingham
Viewing, talk, and reception to celebrate the donation of the Neil Ritchie Sitwell Collection to Merton College in 2013 - podcast
15 November Schools of Thought - a joint session with the Oxford Conservators' Group
A series of short presentations that will include the conservation of the Bodleian Library's First Folio of Shakespeare; and the bindings of late-eighteenth-century blank books through the study of Jane Austen's fiction manuscripts.
14 November New Perspectives in Palaeography - a joint meeting with the Oxford Medieval Society.
Two short talks by Professor Daniel Wakelin, St Hilda’s College, Jeremy Griffiths Professor of Medieval English Palaeography, and Dr Stewart Brookes, King's College London and the DigiPal Project.
30 October An Introduction to Reading and Handling Medieval Manuscripts
A hands-on workshop with Mary Boyle (Merton 2011) and Tristan Franklinos (Merton 2011).
18 October
Writing, publishing, and blogging about Germany: the past 500 years
Speaker: Brian Melican (Merton 2003)
Brian’s book, Germany: Beyond the Enchanted Forest - A Literary Anthology (2013) shows how different generations of English-speakers have depicted Germany, from the sixteenth century to the present day.