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Global Directions discussion on Ebola, 4 November 2014

Global Directions: Events

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Previous events

2014/15 Academic Year

3 & 4 June Workshop on Climate Change
23-24 March Fourth International Maritime Security Conference: Governance - report and findings
11 March Sleepwalking out of Europe? a General Election debate with local parliamentary candidates - full details and recordings of the contributions
2 February Facing Realities: A Saudi Perspective - a discussion of Saudi foreign policy with HRH Prince Turki Al-Faisal
19 January A climate change panel discussion in partnership with the Centre for International Studies, in celebration of the publication of Climate Justice: Vulnerability and Protection by Emeritus Fellow Professor Henry Shue.
1 December Humanitarian Aid
Discussion with James Darcy (1980) and Chelsea Purvis (2006), chaired by Dr Hugo Slim from the Oxford Institute of Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict.
25 November The Political Dimensions of Ebola
A panel discussion with Andrew Keili of the Sierra Leone People’s Party, Dr Julia Amos, Peter J Braam Junior Research Fellow in Global Wellbeing, and DPhil candidates Simukai Chigudu and Luisa Enria.
4 November Social and Scientific Perspectives on Ebola
An informal panel discussion with Professor Nicole Zitzmann, Dr Julia Amos, Luisa Enria, Kerrie Thornhill, and Jessica Thorn, who explored the social implications of the disease.
31 October Film: 'The Strangest Dream'
Documentary on the life of Nobel Peace Prize winner Sir Joseph Rotblat FRS, the only nuclear scientist to leave the Manhattan Project, shown in collaboration with British Pugwash, followed by a discussion led by Dr Kit Hill.

2013/14 Academic Year

19 June What place for the F-word in Restorative Justice?
A talk by Professor John Braithwaite, Distinguished Professor and Founder of RegNet (the Regulatory Institutions Network) at the Australian National University - podcast
27 May Rights as Weapons: The Global Right Wing and the Clash of World Politics
A talk by Professor Clifford Bob, Professor of Political Science at Duquesne University.
1-2 April Third International Maritime Security Conference: Future Challenges
10 March Rethinking the Discourses of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
A talk by Professor Rosemary Hollis, City University, London.
24 February Beyond the Nobel Peace Prize: Chemical Weapons and the OPCW
A talk by Professor Alastair Hay, Leeds University.
10 February Is the Indian Nuclear Tiger Changing Its Stripes? Data, Interpretation and Fact
A talk by Dr. Gaurav Kampani, Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies (IFS), Oslo - podcast
14 November China and Africa: between hard and soft power
Lunchtime Lecture by Dr Iginio Gagliardone, Center for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford - podcast
29 October Fighting Piracy and other transnational threats in West Africa: US and Nigerian perspectives
Remarks by Phillip J Heyl (Chief, Air & Maritime Branch, US Africa Command) and Commodore Obi Medani (Nigerian Navy), followed by Q&A.

2012/13 Academic Year

5 June Lunchtime seminar with Professor Janne Haaland Matlary, University of Oslo: NATO and European security dynamics: Military Capability and Political Will - podcast
29 May Lunchtime lecture by Dr. Jonathan Hill on Boko Haram - podcast
26 May Talk by Sister Helen Prejean CSJ, Anti Death Penalty Campaigner (as part of the Choral Evensong service.)
A select group of Merton students also had the opportunity to meet with Sister Helen Prejean, who inspired the film Dead Man Walking.
23 May Film Screening of Dead Man Walking
A joint Global Directions/OxPeace Event.
5 March Being an Early-Career Researcher: Insights about and from Junior Research Fellows
  • David Al-Attar "Modelling post-glacial sea level change"
  • Emily Guerry "Framing medieval murals - New approaches to the study of Gothic wall painting"
  • Janina Dill "Investigating the effectiveness of international law in war" - podcast
  • Michael Whitworth "JRF selection committee and application process" - podcast
27 February Are Drone campaigns moral? Are they effective?
Live screening of Intelligence Squared debate, followed by informal discussion amongst the audience.
28 January Second Annual International Maritime Security Conference: Integrating Maritime Security and Development
27 November The Shifting Global Energy Landscape
Edward C. Chow, Senior Fellow, Energy and National Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, DC.
15 November Nuclear Security
Meena Singelee, Director of the International Network of Emerging Nuclear Specialists (INENS).
9 November Kony: Hunt for the World's Most Wanted
Film screening and talk by Kony director Sorious Samura.
27 October 2012 Morning coffee meeting with City University Olive Scholars
Israeli and Palestinian Students on a Personal Mission for Peaceful Coexistence
(co-hosted with Merton Chaplaincy)
23 October 2012 Research Groups Joint Colloquium: What is a Research Community?
  • Prof. Anne Hudson (History)
  • Dr. David Mills (Education)
  • Prof. Steve Woolgar (SBS)

2011/12 Academic Year

11 June The philosophy of Theodor Adorno and its applications to peaceful social change efforts
Dr. Ann-Christin Raschdorf, Visiting Fellow, University of Oxford Institute for Ethics Law and Armed Conflict.
10 May Fambul Tok
Screening of the award-winning documentary Fambul Tok, followed by a discussion led by Dr. Julia Amos on the challenges faced by Sierra Leone in attempting to deal with the legacy of its civil war.
28-29 March First Annual International Maritime Security Conference: Crime and Conflict Prevention
Organised in conjunction with the Naval Staff Strategy Unit and the Hudson Memorial Trust.
8 March One Woman a Year, a presentation on a charitable initiative aimed at funding the education of Afghan women at Oxford
Jessica Lam, DPhil Student in Chemistry at Merton College and Founder of One Woman a Year.
24 February Reflections on Occupy Wall Street, the Obama administration, and the Eurozone crisis
US Congressman Peter DeFazio.
20 January 2011 London Riots
Dr. Patricia Daley, University Lecturer in Human Geography and fellow of Jesus College, Oxford.


Photo: Professor Nicole Zitzmann, Dr Julia Amos, Luisa Enria, Kerrie Thornhill, and Jessica Thorn explore the social implications of the Ebola disease at the November 2014 event