Professor Sergi Pardos-Prado​​​​​

Tutor in Politics

I'm an Associate Professor and Official Fellow in Politics at Merton College, University of Oxford. I spend most of my time these days conducting research and teaching in the areas of political behaviour, European comparative politics, political economy, and quantitative methods. Before that, I obtained my PhD in Political and Social Sciences at the European University Institute in Florence.


I work on two main lines of research. The first deals with political behaviour and comparative politics questions in Europe, and the second deals with the impact of migration processes on public attitudes and political outcomes. Part of my work also conceals these two lines of research. More specifically, I have devoted some time now to analyse how the immigration issue is incorporated into patterns of political competition, and how it affects electoral and redistribution outcomes.

Comparative political behaviour and economy

Regarding my political behaviour and comparative politics line of research, I am working on a number of projects studying outcomes like voting behaviour, redistribution preferences, economic perceptions, and political participation among others. I'm particularly interested in understanding how different macro-level configurations of party systems, ideological dimensions, and tax systems affect individual preferences and rational behaviour. For instance, I'm currently using experimental and observational methods to observe the exogenous impact of corruption on preferences for fiscal and political decentralization. I'm also assessing from a longitudinal perspective how economic conditions affect party issue attention over the electoral cycle, and how authoritarian regimes are able to shape the ideological dimensionality and pattern of political competition once they become democracies.

Migration politics

As for my research on immigration, I mostly analyse the determinants of attitudes towards immigration across space and time, and the impact of immigration on redistribution preferences. I'm currently the UK Principal Investigator of a project on attitudes towards immigration funded by the Swiss Network of International Studies. My current work in this area focuses on variations in labour-market demand (rather than supply) shaping anti-immigrant attitudes, and on levels of tax progressivity moderating the impact of income on preferences. More recently, I started analyzing the impact of immigration policy on foreigners' long-term political integration, and the determinants of anti-immigrant populist voting as a function of redistribution and demographic pressures.  My current work on immigration aims for high levels of both external and internal validity, observing cross-national patterns and identifying more local causal effects with experimental and semi-experimental methodologies.

Ongoing research

  • 'Corruption and support for fiscal decentralisation' (with Theresa Kuhn), under review.
  • 'The cost of diversity: tax progressivity, ethnic diversity, and support for redistribution' (with Carla Xena), under review.
  • 'Immigration policy and foreigners' political integration' (with Carla Xena), in progress.
  • 'Macro-economic conditions and extreme right success', in progress.
  • 'The shadow of dictatorships: authoritarianism and issue constraint as determinants of new party emergence' (with Anja Neundorf), in progress.
  • 'Immigration policy and terrorist attacks' (with Julian Wucherpfennig and Sara Polo), in progress.

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Book chapters and other manuscripts

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