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Professor Jonathan Thacker

Tutor in Spanish, Professor of Spanish


Modern Languages (Spanish)


My main research interests lie in the culture, most especially the drama, of the Spanish Golden Age (the period from about 1550 to 1680).

Teaching Interests

Undergraduate: Spanish Golden-Age prose, poetry and drama; language, especially translation.

Graduate: On the MSt in European Languages (Spanish) I convene the following Special Subjects: Drama in an Ideological Age; Public Role and Private Self in Golden-Age Drama; Developments in Prose Narrative in the Spanish Renaissance. I also supervise graduates working on various aspects of Golden-Age culture including: sixteenth-century theatre, Golden-Age drama, Golden-Age painting, modern performance and translation of Spanish classical drama, the ideology of reception of Golden-Age drama.


I have recently written A Companion to Spanish Golden Age Theatre (Woodbridge: Tamesis, 2007) and have published a monograph and a number of articles on different aspects of early modern Spanish drama (details of selected publications). I have also translated some of Cervantes's Novelas ejemplares (Warminster: Aris and Phillips, 1992) as well as Golden Age drama.

I am currently co-writing a Historical Dictionary of Spanish Theatre, and working on the character of the 'madman' in the drama of Lope de Vega. I frequently review and advise on modern productions of Golden Age drama, including the Royal Shakespeare Company's 2004 season. I am Editor of the Aris and Phillips Hispanic Classics series which publishes bilingual editions of Spanish prose, drama and poetry.