Dr Xiangyu (Michael) Jie

Junior Research Fellow in Chemistry

My research interests centre on energy and environmental sectors in heterogeneous catalysis, new-generation materials for hydrogen production and storage, fossil fuel decarbonization, microwave-initiated catalysis, carbon dioxide activation and utilization.


My primary area of research is in heterogeneous catalysis for CO2-free hydrogen production. We utilise microwave science and technology to catalytically produce high-purity hydrogen through the dehydrogenation of hydrocarbon fossil fuels (include crude oil, diesel and petrol etc.). We hope that this can assist in the transition to a new scientific and technological era of 'Fossil fuels decarbonisation' as a stepping stone to a true low-carbon energy future. Thus, rather than burning hydrocarbons, our vision is to extract high purity, elemental hydrogen, in high yield, from fossil fuels.

In a recent advance, I have discovered that the microwave-initiated catalytic conversion of plastic can produce both clean hydrogen fuel and also the constituent monomer through catalytic chemical depolymerisation. My scientific interest and innovation, and of course an important part of my JRF projects aim to help solve the scourge of plastic waste by not only minimising environmental pollution but also lessening the dependence on non-renewable petrochemicals for plastics production.

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