Dr Sebastian Wedler

Director of Studies for Music

Sebastian is Director of Studies for Music at Merton, Departmental Lecturer in the Faculty of Music, and Stipendiary Lecturer in Music at University College. Before joining the Faculty of Music, he was a Junior Research Fellow at St Hilda’s College, and Stipendiary Lecturer at The Queen’s College.


Teaching at the College

Eighteenth-Century Opera: An Introduction
Foundations of Musicology
Modernism in Vienna: 1900–1935
Music Analysis [18th-Century Music]
Musical Analysis and Criticism [19th-Century Music]
Musical Thought and Scholarship
Pastoral Idylls, National Anxieties: The Nineteenth-Century Symphony
Programme Music in the Nineteenth Century
Richard Strauss and the Representation of Women
Richard Wagner: The Romantic Operas and Music Dramas
The String Quartet after Beethoven

Teaching at the Faculty of Music

Undergraduate Lectures

Analysis Portfolio
Beethoven: Between History and Myth
Extended Essay
Musical Analysis and Criticism

Graduate Seminars

(with Professor Eric Clarke) Aesthetics
Epistemologies of Music Theory and Analysis

Research Seminar at the Faculty of Music

(with Professor Jonathan Cross) Oxford Seminar in Music Theory & Analysis