Student Ambassador: Anna McQueen

Anna McQueen

Year: Second

Subject: Biochemistry

Where are you from?: Southampton

Best thing about the collegiate system?

The best thing about being part of a college is the diverse range of people you get to interact with. As well as the people on your course and in your accommodation, there is a large number of people in your year group doing a variety of different subjects, and those in the years above and below, all of whom are part of the same wider circle that is the college. Living in the same environment, eating together in hall, socialising at the same events, and being able to pick the brains of those older than you are fantastic ways to meet new people and gain new friends from different backgrounds. Age, gender, religion, and subject are not a barrier between you and your potential best friend!

Best thing about your course?

Biochemistry at Oxford is incredibly broad, and you get to learn about everything. As most people haven’t done Biochemistry before university, the range of areas taught means you get to discover so many new and interesting topics that you didn’t realise existed! While it can seem a bit overwhelming at times, you’ll definitely be grateful when you find that your favourite topic is something that you wouldn’t have touched with a 10-foot barge pole if you had just read the description of it! 

Most important thing you’ve learnt?

Take every opportunity you can, without going over the top! Your primary motivation for being here will likely be to get a degree, but there is so much more to university life than studying. No matter your interests, whether you’re sporty, musical, theatrical, into food, or into politics, there is always something you can try and get involved in, the tricky thing can often be to remember to leave time to sleep! 

What are tutorials like?

Tutorial experience ranges from tutor to tutor, but generally you’ll have written an essay or answered some problem questions beforehand which they’ll have looked over and marked. The tutorial itself is a relatively informal discussion of the topic of the essay between the tutor and your tutorial partner(s), making sure everyone understands all the key points from the lecture series as well as some extra information that the tutor thinks is important. There’s nothing wrong with not knowing the answer to a question - with some gentle prompting from the tutor, someone will have that ‘lightbulb moment’ and discussion will continue. You get given back your essay with feedback, and that’s it! There will typically be one or two tutorials a week, so even if they seem scary at first you get used to them really quickly.