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Two students at work in the library - Photo: © John Cairns -

The 750th Anniversary Campaign: Supporting Students

Merton has a long tradition of teaching some of the most talented students from around the world. Great strides were made during the 750th Anniversary Campaign towards funding student support to help with the College’s goal of continuing to attract the world’s best students at undergraduate and graduate level, regardless of their ability to pay.

Student Support Fund

The income from this fund is used to pay for undergraduate and graduate hardship grants, choral scholarships, vacation grants, graduate research grants and travel grants. Funds were also raised towards student activities, such as drama, choral productions and sports.

Undergraduate Student Support Fund

Merton launched a new Undergraduate Student Support Fund, alongside our Graduate Scholarships Fund. The College is hugely grateful for Sir Howard Stringer's (1961) generous £1 million donation towards the Undergraduate Student Support Fund as well as Ian Taylor’s (1975) equally generous pledge. Once secured, the income from this fund now pays for £70,000 of the £90,000 cost of the Merton/Oxford Bursaries.

In addition £204k was raised towards the College’s current access work.

Graduate Scholarships Fund

The following new graduate scholarships were funded:

  • The Jim Buckee Graduate Scholarship in Physics was funded on an annual basis
  • A graduate scholarship in Chinese Archaeology was funded for the next 4 years
  • Several graduate scholarships were funded for Graduate Students to work with Dame Professor Jessica Rawson
  • A graduate scholarship in International Development and one in Global Wellbeing was endowed
  • A graduate scholarship in the Humanities was endowed
  • A graduate scholarship in Mathematics was endowed
  • 3 part Graduate Scholarships in Law for the BCL was endowed
  • A graduate scholarship in Mathematical Physics was funded for the next 4 years
Photo: © John Cairns -