Student Ambassador: Francesco Dernie

Francesco Dernie

Year: 2

Subject: Medicine

Where are you from?: Cambridge

Best thing about Merton?

The best thing about Merton is the friendly and close-knit community we have here. As a fresher it seemed daunting coming to a new place to live with people I had never met before, but the college and older students were very welcoming when we arrived. We have slightly smaller year groups compared to other colleges so it was really easy getting to know everyone and making friends in our first term.

What’s the work like?

Life as a medical student at Oxford is pretty intense - we have lots of contact hours as well as several essays and tutorials to prepare for every week. It’s fair to say that the work is challenging and we have a fair amount of it! However, if you are passionate about your subject then the work is enjoyable, and the Oxford system allows you to explore your own interests - which is a great way of keeping things interesting!

What do you do in the holidays?

Catch up on sleep, relax, and eat lots of pasta.