The Merton Fund

Mertonians making a difference

The Merton Fund provides an essential source of regular income for Merton, and supports core elements of College life.

  • Undergraduate Student Support - The income from the Undergraduate Student Support Fund helps to pay for Merton-Oxford bursaries for undergraduates from low-income backgrounds who otherwise would not be able to afford to study at Oxford.
  • Graduate Scholarships - Merton’s graduates are amongst the best in Oxford, but without funding for scholarships we shall continue to lose many of the very brightest to the competition in the US.
  • Student Support Fund - The Student Support Fund provides vital money for all students who require support due to unforeseen hardship.
  • Tutorial System - The Tutorial System is the bedrock of an Oxford education. Merton must be able to support and maintain this unique system, to ensure high-quality teaching for undergraduates. 
  • Buildings and facilities – It is essential that Merton can provide its students and Fellows with the proper space in which to study, teach and live. The College’s unique historic site needs constant maintenance and upgrade – your gifts will ensure that it is fit for use as a 21st-century college. 
  • Unrestricted gifts - Unrestricted gifts are also of great importance to the College, as they allow us to respond with flexibility to changing priorities.

Read more here about the projects your gift could support.

Participation is key

Participation at any level is crucial to the success of the Merton Fund. The ongoing, regular support of donors allows the College to plan for the future, and the cumulative effect of multiple smaller donations can be huge. 

In 2016-2017, 985 Mertonians gave almost £550,000 in gifts under £25,000, and three quarters of that amount was made in gifts below £10,000. Thanks to every one of you who made a gift! It is heartening to see so many Mertonians engaged in supporting the work, research, and welfare of the people living and working at the College today, and we hope that many more of you will choose to lend your support again this year.

For more information about supporting Merton:

Add your support today

Make a regular donation to the Merton Fund via our online giving page from the UK | from outside the UK

The 1264 Society

In order to recognise generous donors to the Merton Fund, and to encourage ongoing and regular support for the College, Merton has created the 1264 Society.

Everyone who makes a gift of £1,264 (£126.40 for under 30s and those who left in the last five years, £12.64 for current students and those who left in the last year) to Merton in a year will be welcomed as a 1264 member for that Annual Fund year, which runs from 1st August-31st July each year. 

1264 members receive recognition in the annual Donor Report, and an invitation to a special 1264 Society event. New members also receive a unique Merton pin badge on joining. 191 individuals joined the Society in 2015-16, including 20 recent leavers and 46 young alumni - an excellent demonstration of support for the college across the generations.

To make a donation and join the 1264 Society, visit our Making a Gift page and select which fund you would like to direct your gift toward. Alternatively, you can click/tap here to make a regular gift now.

2018 Merton Telephone Campaign

Merton's annual Telephone Campaign took place during March 2018 and was an enormous success thanks to the hard work of our team of student callers, and the generosity of the hundreds of Mertonians around the world who took the time to pick up the phone and pledge their support to the Merton Fund.

This year, more than half of the 450 Mertonians our team spoke to pledged £84,068 to the College's current fundraising priorities. Gifts to the Merton Fund make a transformational impact on every aspect of life at the College, and we are enormously grateful for the support demonstrated by the Mertonian community.

If we didn't manage to speak to you but you would still like to make a gift, you can easily do so online here or by contacting James Bennett at or on +44(0)1865 286312.