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Inside Merton College Boat House (c) John Cairns

Current Fundraising Priorities: Extending the Boathouse

For the benefit of Merton’s student community and the supporters of sports at Merton, funds are being raised for the renovation and extension of Merton Boathouse, which was last upgraded in the 1940s! Following increased participation in rowing in recent years, and the expansion of the fleet and extra maintenence which has followed, additional space is required for the College's Boathouse - as well as urgent renovation. We invite you to bolster Merton's presence on the water and to enhance its sporting acheivments by supporting this exciting project.

  • Still to raise: £106,000 plus £25,000 for a shell

Donate to the College Boathouse from the UK | from outside the UK

Contact us

For further information and to discuss your contribution in detail, please contact:

  • Duncan Barker - Development Director - Tel: + 44 (0) 1865 276307
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