Degree ceremony and reception booking form for those not currently studying at Oxford only

If different from above through e.g. marriage/deed poll
Ceremony date:
How do you wish to take your degree?

Would you like a non-Christian formula?
If you are attending a degree ceremony to confer your MA, or certain degrees higher than a DPhil, you have the option of being admitted to these degrees with a specifically non-Christian formula. A Christian formula is provided as standard to all those who do not explicitly request the non-Christian formula. Please indicate here which wording you would prefer:

Formula type:
Number of guest tickets for ceremony required
Maximum of 2 guests per graduand. Children aged seven and over are welcome to attend the ceremony; they will require a ticket.

Ceremony Programme
If requested each graduand’s name, college and degree type will be published in the ceremony programme/brochure (the ceremony counts as a public event). Do you wish your name to be printed in the programme?

Name to be printed in the programme: 
Will you be attending the reception at Merton College?

As people's allergies, intolerances, special diets and preferences can be many and varied, we are not able to cater for these individually. Our 'dietary requirement' canapés are all gluten-free, nut-free and vegan - and are delicious!

If your allergy is very serious but you believe the 'dietary requirement' canapés will be safe, please ensure you check/clarify with catering staff at the event before consumption; if you are bringing any guests who have serious allergies then please ensure that they do so as well.

We take every care to ensure that our food is safe to eat. However, please be aware that our kitchen uses multiple ingredients, some of which are prepared in facilities which also use multiple ingredients, and as such we cannot guarantee that traces of allergens will not be present.

Canapé choice:
Please indicate the number of guests you would like to attend the reception at Merton College
There is a charge of £12.50 per guest to attend the reception. Payment must be made to secure your reservations at least two weeks prior to the ceremony by following the instructions which will be emailed to you a month before your ceremony. You will not be able to reserve spaces after this time.
Guest 1
Canapé choice:
Guest 2
Canapé choice:
Guest 3
Canapé choice:
Do you (or, if applicable, any of your guests) have any mobility, or other disability, requirements which may require special arrangements?
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